Monthly archives: July, 2008

When you die

When you die, you will still be hungry. Isn’t that a bitch? A death like circles and rocks and gravity. Nothing in this world can quench your thirst. Or the next world (So you can fuck off with your god bothering nonsense and enjoy the cold, the dark, the silence you tossers). I’d tell you…

The school photo

I’m at the girls’ school where I did my teaching practicum, the school across the road from the all boys school I went to as a boy. Except I’m a student at the girl’s school, I’m still a boy, but no one (myself included) seems to notice nor care. We walk all the way down…

The high road and low road

It occurred to me today that I’ve been a lot of places in my short time as an autonomous adult. So I thought I’d share some of these observations about these places. Ipswich is where I lived, and where I was born, but don’t hate me for it, my parents are only related by marriage….