The Stranger

The madman walks through the street, oddly dressed Some nod, some smirk, some keep their distance Wary eyes at their corners, keeping guard He moves on, uncaring or oblivious Standing then in the middle of an open field at the edge of town Watched by others with pity in their eyes He starts to sway, […]

The Camera and the Crown

Having read the Wikipedia entry on Zygmunt Bauman and one of his papers, “Alone Again: Ethics After Certainty”. I’ve been thinking about the camera. Bauman looks at the camera twice, firstly as the creator of still images, and then as the creator of moving images. He points to the still image as a cultural anchor, […]

Becoming organised

I have a love/hate relationship with chaos. I will openly and freely admit to enjoying the excitement of a last minute deadline, a dozen conflicting commands, or total technological failure. I will also admit that this is a sad and pitiful way to get one’s thrills. So I’m going to be more organised. Zen like […]

The wonders of washable flooring

m4s0n501 The body looked like it had crawled through a muddy field, which annoyed Michael even more. “I just cleaned the goddamned floor!” Stewart looked at Michael, his mouth slightly ajar. “I really think you’re autistic sometimes, a dead body appears in your lounge room and you obsess about the floor.” He paused. “Maybe you […]

Seven poems for a single day

Insomnia Oh baby, I know you can’t sleep It’s 2.55 am and you’ve got work tomorrow Don’t worry You can still smell the fried chicken you ate for lunch And there’s not enough milk for breakfast tomorrow Not entirely sure what to wear No dog food either Too much unresolved action Too much left undone […]