I’m currently full of phlegm, in my head and lungs. My back aches from constant coughing, and in the last 24 hours I have suffered the added indignity of explosive diarrhea.

I’m beginning to suspect that my body is trying to tell me something.

Should I write children’s books for kids with low literacy? It’s tempting, but is there a market besides schools? Maybe if I developed an online diagnostic tool (fuck that sounds like a lot of work) that put children on a scale and then said “Read books C,D, and E, then complete the workbooks for grammar and spelling.” That sounds like a money maker but I’d need a collaborator or two. It’s very tempting. I’m not into reinventing the wheel though, pictures are needed but I can’t draw, which means I need an artist to collaborate with. Comics are the way to go I think. I could do photos of models into a comic, but I don’t want it to look cheap.

The eternal quests of the capitalist, make it cheaply, but don’t make it look cheap.

Fuck my back aches.


Author: Joseph

Writer, educator, and bon vivant.