Category: Dreams

Three coins

I’ve been frustrated with the upcoming Australia election. I don’t support the LNP at all, but it looks like they’ll win. I then had this dream: I’m standing at the University of Queensland, on a path with an avenue of trees. The trees almost touch each other at the top, creating a thin line of…

A shout out to Geoff

Geoff, I tried to email you at the adress you left in the comment but it didn’t work. Please try emailing me or leaving another message with a working email! -Joseph

The school photo

I’m at the girls’ school where I did my teaching practicum, the school across the road from the all boys school I went to as a boy. Except I’m a student at the girl’s school, I’m still a boy, but no one (myself included) seems to notice nor care. We walk all the way down…