It’s time to go

My ex is also my flatmate. This was a decision I made based on hope (that we might get back together) and sloth (who wants to go through the trouble of getting a new flatmate?) On some level we aren’t compatible. I remember reading once that every relationship has an unspoken demand. I think his demand […]

Buildings and corners

My school was designed by an architect. That little factoid always surprises me somewhat. My school has corners, lots and lots of visually interesting, child concealing, corners. I suspect this was an attempt to hide the institutional nature of the school. Which is strange, because we are an institution. You might as well be honest […]

At the shopping centre

Whilst shopping two children were arguing, the younger one started to wail and the mother turned her fury to the older one: Mother (to older child): Stand here. Right here. On this very spot! Do not move! Younger Child (to mother): Why does he have to stand there? YC (to sibling): I think she’s going […]

Something random

It’s difficult to be original all the time. All personal blogs run the risk of becoming stale and even worse, whiney. I was inspired to do this for two reasons; firstly I’ve resolved to write once a week (at least!) as a method of keeping myself sane. Secondly, I reflected on my experiences with “14 […]

Thinking of another blog

Sometimes, I think I’m a bit like a fountain of ideas. I spray them everywhere, but I never make a flood with them, let alone a puddle. I’ve become diffuse and spread to thin. I have been toying with the idea of a sewing blog that looks exclusively at my textiles work. It wouldn’t be […]