ve always found it hard to focus, but then again, who doesn’t? Possibly the Germans, but we all know how that ended up. I’ve decided to breathe new life into Pinksheep.Com. I thought about doing it through Antijoe but that didn’t appeal to me in the long term. I wanted this to be for the people, Antijoe is for me.

So what’s the plan? Gossip, senseless, wonderful gossip. A few of my favourite message boards have been going down the shitter for quite sometime now and I realised that if I wanted a cool message board to hang out on, I had to make it myself. Of course no one comes to an empty message board so I’m going to have to put some content on it, and I’ll be strong arming my friends to do the same, hopefully with some cross promotion in the gay rags and on queer radio I might be able to get an audience together.

There is also a page of rules on Pinksheep. I’m a little worried that it sounds very hard arsed and not fun, but I figure you have to tell people up front that blinking avatars aren’t cool. Some people just have no taste.

I’ll also be doing a weekly one hour pod-cast; hopefully with my flatmate Matthew. I honestly don’t know how well it will come out. An hour of quality programming is no mean feat, I will try to fill it with news, a few musical numbers and sketch comedy. The last one is a bit exciting, I’ve spent some time on character development, but it was with an eye on television script writing. Hopefully some of the characters and sketches will translate nicely to radio, sadly the dearth of voice actors in my home means that I’ll probably be doing it myself and doing a shit load of pitch shifting in post production. Doesn’t that make me sound like I know what I’m doing? I almost positively famous, I can feel it!