Three coins

I’ve been frustrated with the upcoming Australia election. I don’t support the LNP at all, but it looks like they’ll win. I then had this dream:
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I’m standing at the University of Queensland, on a path with an avenue of trees. The trees almost touch each other at the top, creating a thin line of sky that I follow. On the ground I find a coin standing on its edge. It is aluminium, but somehow tarnished and dented. The coin is an Australian coin, but not one I recognise. On one side it reads “Balancing the budget through fiscal management and bullying banks” on the other it says 1972.

Further along the path I find another coin, also on its edge, but this time without the dent. It has the same inscription, but the year reads “1973”. Further along the path still a third coin, also on its edge and reading “1974”.

I kept looking for the next coin, but no matter where I looked I couldn’t find it.