What I’m doing with my Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi LogoThe dice have decreed equal portions for a total of a dozen, which is to say, six and six. So it will be a list of things I’d like to do, given enough time and enough Raspberry Pies.

What I’m actually doing:

Digital signage is really fashionable at the moment. It’s not surprising really, if a good image can be compelling, why not make it sing and dance? I’ve seen an Ipad being used for this in the window of a jewellery store. I’m sure there was a lovely app to make it happen, but Ipads are small and expensive. A cheap LCD TV and a Raspberry Pi running Pi Presents could cost one quarter of the Ipad and be a lot bigger too. Of course, the simplicity of an app may appeal to those who lack my ICT skills. I plan to use Pi Presents to power an interactive display in the exhibition space in my building at school.

What I would love to do:Raspberry Pi Diagram

Raspberry Pi as a hotspot; I’d love to share my internet connection with the neighbours but I’m not about to open my local network completely. The Raspberry Pi would make a fine hotspot for a series of town houses or a small business; just make sure you have the right antenna!

Raspberry Pi as multi-room sound system; and all controlled through your phone! It’s like a Sonos system, but a bit homespun and a great deal cheaper.

Raspberry Pi as a torrent box; at last I can unshackle my laptop and let my Raspberry Pi fix my appalling upload ratio. Assuming I did that sort of thing of course.

Raspberry Pi as my own private cloud; following the Snowden revelations, and the dubious behaviour of Google, keeping your own data close makes a lot of sense. I think in the future we’ll see many more self hosted platforms and the likes of Facebook and Google will wither on the vine.

There’s a lot here to keep me busy for the foreseeable future. I’ll keep you posted on my current project as it comes to fruition. 



Author: Joseph

Writer, educator, and bon vivant.