Photography in Canberra

Native flowers at the National Botanical Gardens
Native flowers at the National Botanical Gardens

The dice do decree, a photographic list. Behold! My favourite photo spots in Canberra:

  1. The Arboretum – It has some great architecture, a bonsai area, and some excellent vistas of Canberra.
  2. The Botanical Gardens – It has a wonderful rain-forest gully, some sculpture and a “red-centre” area.
  3. Mount Ainslie – It’s close to Civic, which means after a few quick photos you can pop down to the local pub.
  4. Cockington Green – Tiny houses. It’s weird and it’s wonderful. I would enjoy doing a bit of tilt-shift photography for shits and giggles.
  5. The Zoo – Bring your zoom lens for this one, although there are areas where you can get up close and personal with the animals.
  6. Lake Burley Griffin – Good architecture and some excellent opportunities for people watching.
  7. Floriade – Only in Spring, but it’s great for those “field of flowers” photographs and some great macros.

Author: Joseph

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