Three coins

I’ve been frustrated with the upcoming Australia election. I don’t support the LNP at all, but it looks like they’ll win. I then had this dream:
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I’m standing at the University of Queensland, on a path with an avenue of trees. The trees almost touch each other at the top, creating a thin line of sky that I follow. On the ground I find a coin standing on its edge. It is aluminium, but somehow tarnished and dented. The coin is an Australian coin, but not one I recognise. On one side it reads “Balancing the budget through fiscal management and bullying banks” on the other it says 1972.

Further along the path I find another coin, also on its edge, but this time without the dent. It has the same inscription, but the year reads “1973”. Further along the path still a third coin, also on its edge and reading “1974”.

I kept looking for the next coin, but no matter where I looked I couldn’t find it.

The school photo

I’m at the girls’ school where I did my teaching practicum, the school across the road from the all boys school I went to as a boy. Except I’m a student at the girl’s school, I’m still a boy, but no one (myself included) seems to notice nor care.

We walk all the way down to the bottom oval for a school photo. It’s an incredibly long journey, and we’re all exhausted by the time we get there. One of the girls has to pee so we tell her to go behind a nearby shed. We all agree to walk back would take far too much time, and she might miss the photo.

So she goes behind the shed and pisses. It sounds like a race horse, in fact it sounds like someone spraying a hose into a bucket. Everyone is far too polite to say anything, but it keeps going, and going, and going. We look around, trying not to make eye contact with each other in case we start laughing. She’s into her third minute and we’re all blushing on her behalf. By the fifth minute we are looking at each other incredulously.

She finally comes back. Nobody says anything, we simply look at each other raising an eyebrow discretely.
“The photographer still isn’t here” someone says “he’ll be a while yet”.
“I’m going to finish off then” says our urinater, and proceeds to piss like a race horse for another two minutes.

We were all shocked.