Why is it so dark in here?

The Government’s data retention scheme looks set to pass the Senate this week with Labor’s support. This scheme is rushed, costly, ineffective, and against the public interest. Also, absurdly, the flawed legislation leaves open numerous loopholes, which can be used to evade the scheme. This means the data retention dragnet will capture the data of innocent…

It’s time to go

My ex is also my flatmate. This was a decision I made based on hope (that we might get back together) and sloth (who wants to go through the trouble of getting a new flatmate?) On some level we aren’t compatible. I remember reading once that every relationship has an unspoken demand. I think his demand…

Buildings and corners

My school was designed by an architect. That little factoid always surprises me somewhat. My school has corners, lots and lots of visually interesting, child concealing, corners. I suspect this was an attempt to hide the institutional nature of the school. Which is strange, because we are an institution. You might as well be honest…

Photography in Canberra

The dice do decree, a photographic list. Behold! My favourite photo spots in Canberra: The Arboretum – It has some great architecture, a bonsai area, and some excellent vistas of Canberra. The Botanical Gardens – It has a wonderful rain-forest gully, some sculpture and a “red-centre” area. Mount Ainslie – It’s close to Civic, which…

At the shopping centre

Whilst shopping two children were arguing, the younger one started to wail and the mother turned her fury to the older one:

Mother (to older child): Stand here. Right here. On this very spot! Do not move!
Younger Child (to mother): Why does he have to stand there?
YC (to sibling): I think she’s going to leave you here.
YC (to mother): Are you going to leave him here?
YC (to sibling): I reckon she’s going to leave you here.